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David Brooks, New York Times columnist, author, and commentator on NPR and PBS NewsHour, visited IWU on Thursday.

Brooks spoke twice on Thursday, first in the afternoon for journalism and criminal justice students, and then later in the day in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center.

Kelsey Bratten, a freshman taking an Intro to Newswriting class, was able to hear Brooks in the afternoon.

“I thought that David had a really good insight,” said Bratten. “You could tell that he is very experienced in his field. As somebody who is a freshman and didn’t have a lot of experience in journalism, besides Intro to Newswriting, I thought that he was really insightful.”

Annelise Bundshco is a student who attended Brooks’ later event in the PPAC.

“I thought it was really interesting.” Bundscho said, “I liked how he was able to offer a different insight on how to deeply understand another person.”

Brooks offered wisdom and advice from his own life and from his new book, How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen.

Bundscho said, “It offered me a different perspective on how to get to know a person deeper and a different perspective on talking to people in my everyday life.”

Samantha Wilson was another student who attended the event in the evening.

“My biggest takeaway from the night is to be present,” said Wilson. “He made it a point to just be present with people and have conversation and get to know them, and I guess that’s what the whole book is about, getting to know others.”

Bundscho also had a takeaway from the evening.

“I like the thought of being able to linger.” Bundscho said, “I feel like in this culture, especially here, everyone’s rushing to get to what’s next, everyone’s working towards getting something done. And I like to be able to be at peace.”

Bundscho also pointed out her favorite quote from Brooks.

“‘Love comes and goes but admiration stays.’” Bundscho said, “I love that one.”

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