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On Friday, Feb. 2, wRECk the Night was once again held at the Recreation and Wellness Center. Students gathered from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. and enjoyed a wide variety of games, such as speed volleyball and basketball.

Olivia Alkire, a worker at the event, said, “I know it’s been going on since at least I was a freshman here. And I’m a senior, so more than four years. It’s one of our bigger rec events.”

wRECk the Night began as an event to welcome new students on campus.

“We do one in the beginning of the year to welcome all the freshmen and then we just, in the recent years, started doing one like now, that’s open to everyone on campus.” Alkire said.

More students have attended wRECk the Night in the fall as opposed to the spring. However, on Friday, the activities were still very popular, especially volleyball.

“Usually, our speed volleyball… I’d say is our biggest. People stay there the entirety of the event and they just keep playing over and over and over again,” Alkire said.

Lauren Wuthrich, an entrepreneurship and strategic communications double major, came to wRECk the Night for her second time on Friday.

When reflecting on her first experience with the event, Wuthrich said, “It was really fun, it was super hype and I think that there was a lot of energy and that was just like a fun way to meet people.”

Cory Gatlin, an exercise science major, attended wRECk the Night for his third time. Gatlin said, “I think the first time I ever came in the fall, freshman year, I was kind of overwhelmed because I was a freshman… It was busy, but it was fun, like I found something to do.”

When asked about her favorite activity, Wuthrich said, “Definitely volleyball because I played it in high school, and it’s even more fun to play with just like anyone, even if you’ve never played before.”

Gatlin also responded similarly to the same question.

“Probably volleyball because it’s very easy to just play. Even if you’re not super good. Basketball can get a little competitive, which is good, but volleyball, people take it pretty lightly,” Gatlin said.

wRECk the Night will return in the fall of 2024, an event both returning students and new arrivals will be able to attend.

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