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Indiana Wesleyan University prepares to host the annual Fusion event.

The weekend event will take place on Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6.

High schoolers will check in on Friday at 5:00 p.m. and can stay until Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

Fusion executive director Lauren Klien said that students can expect all kinds of engaging activities.

Artists such as Taya, Crowder, and DJ Iman will be performing.

“Students can come and listen to speakers and experience worship live,” Klien said. “Then they can go do fun things like game shows, a movie, basketball. It shows that they’re not just sitting in sessions all day.”

Fusion started 54 years ago, when a group of college students held a youth conference for high schoolers during a visit day. It has grown drastically since then and continues to flourish.

Professor of youth ministry and director of youth ministry events, Charlie Alcock, shared a memorable story about two students that came to Christ in the residence halls after the session “Need to Breathe” occurred during a previous Fusion.

“It’s not just about witnessing and being an example to high school students,” Alcock said. “But the big deal was not how many seats we sold or how many people came to the concert. It was those two students who accepted Jesus in their dorm that night.”

Klien discussed the importance of how Fusion can impact students.

“One life saved is worth all of the work.” Klien said.

Volunteer Ireland Craig said she went to Fusion while in high school. She is now a student at IWU majoring in pastoral care and counseling.

“It really showed me that I was supposed to come to IWU,” Craig said. “God really used that as a way of faithfulness and being able to serve for Fusion as well.”

Alcock said he believes that IWU is supposed to be a light that shines in the community. Fusion’s primary mission is to bring people to Christ while also creating a sense of togetherness.

“Anytime you can gather people together to worship and proclaim that Jesus Christ loves you. It is a great opportunity,” Alcock said. “That’s why there’s something unique about coming together with people from different walks of life, from different states, to be unified. To be one. I think that is the beauty of it.”

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