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On March 22, an IWU sophomore became the first student admissions employee to give his one hundredth admissions tour.

Jonathan Sandidge said that he started giving tours last January after being a part of the tele counseling

“I actually started as a tele counselor,” Sandidge said. “They told me that they’d love to have me on their team so, then I joined the daycare team last January.”

Laura Catlin, assistant director of campus visits, said that they had asked Sandidge to join the team due to his positive and energetic personality.

“Jonathan is unbelievably positive, and very energetic so, his positivity and his energy just kind of helps the entire team,” Catlin said. “He’s always pointing us back to the reason why we’re here which is ultimately to bring people closer to God and to grow in their relationship.”

Catlin said that Jonathan is the first student admissions employee to reach a goal of 100 tours.

Sandridge poses in an IWU hoodie.

“Jonathan is the first that I know of to reach 100 tours,” Catlin said. “We brought in cupcakes for him and his tour that day as special surprise for him.”

Tiana Keene, sophomore and admissions employee, said that she was excited for Sandidge after hearing of his one hundredth tour.

“I remember him sharing in a meeting a while back how he was trying to hit the goal of 100 tours and doing as many as possible,” Keene said. “So, I was super excited for him to hear that he had hit that goal.”

Keene said that she has worked alongside Sandidge doing chapel hosting on Friday as well as group shifts.

“It’s been enjoyable to work with him,” Keene said. “He’s definitely just a bright light to other people and he’s a fun person to work alongside.”

Admissions is getting ready to hire for the new school year and are looking for students to join their team.

Sandidge said that students who are interested in joining the admissions team should put themselves out there.

“A big part of being a tour guide is sharing your experiences and I think that can be uncomfortable for a lot of people,” Sandidge said. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share your story.”

For students who are interested in becoming a tour guide or joining the admissions team, they can email Catlin at laura.catlin@indwes.edu or apply through the portal.

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