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The Poetry Society of Indiana Hosts “Open Mic Night” For Aspiring Poets

Wednesday, Jan. 26, the Poetry Society of Indiana joined hands with the Intercultural and Global Office at IWU to bring forward an “open mic” night in the commons for aspiring poets.

John Hinton, the president of the Poetry Society of Indiana was one of the coordinators and was also the master of ceremonies of the event.

“Our mission is to promote poetry and poets throughout the state,” Hinton said. “We do all kinds of events to do that. We do open mics at book stores, coffee shops and wherever anybody will have us to give an opportunity and a platform for people to read their poetry and express their voice.”

Hinton said that these events are set up as a conversational activity, where participants sit around a circle and can talk freely in a less formal environment.

The “circle” is designed to provide an intimate experience for the poets as they share their work.

Megan Kooistra, a sophomore nursing major, had the opportunity to share her poetry at the
event. Kooistra said that it was a fun event designed to show vulnerability through your words.

“When I got there, there was just a round table with other college students and their poems,” Kooistra said. “We went in a circle and shared a poem, and then John talked with you and opened up conversation about where you were when you wrote that poem both literally and emotionally speaking.”

Kooistra said that talking through the emotions attatched to a poem was both fun and freeing.

This event was not just for those who were sharing poems, however.

Jadyn Mucher, a sophomore elementary education major said she was in support of her roommate at this event. She said that she was not sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

“I feel like everyone was really at peace and was welcomed there,” Mucher said. “Everyone was listening really intently.”

Mucher said that she would recommend the event to anyone who has the opportunity to go in the

“I think it is a great outlet for people who really love poetry and anyone who wants to try to get into it,” Mucher said.

Hinton also said that the Poetry Society of Indiana is already making talk about another potential event at IWU in the spring, where students or members of the community will be free to come and participate or listen.

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