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Reclaiming Eros, a small group organization at Indiana Wesleyan University, hosted a discussion panel about sexual sin and brokenness on Feb. 27. The discussion panel brought light to the topic in a conversational setting.

Caiah Smith, the co-president of Reclaiming Eros, said the organization focuses on community and vulnerability in regard to a lot of taboo topics that do not get discussed in the church. 

“It is about looking through God’s lens rather than the world and rejecting the alternatives that it has to offer us we are seeking biblical truth in that,” Smith said.

Smith said the small group pushes each other towards Christ and seeks to grow together.

Kiley McGill, the female small group coordinator for Reclaiming Eros, said the goal of the organization is to reestablish what God perfectly designed for romantic love.

“We had a panel of women from all different walks of life…where they shared part of their testimony…and open up with any women from campus who wanted to come and listen,” McGill said.

McGill said the panel answered any questions the women in the audience had and showed that the women were not alone.

Lyrissa Hammons, an audience member, said she appreciated the honesty and the vulnerability of the panel members.

“It really felt like a no-judgment zone, which I think is so important, especially on a Christian campus, to have the freedom to talk about our sins openly with other women,” Hammons said.

Hammons said she plans on going to more Reclaiming Eros events in the future.

Smith said discussing sexual sin is important because a lot of people struggle with it in isolation.

“It is important to talk about these things and have events like this where they get brought into the light…and ultimately have others to point you towards Jesus,” Smith said.

McGill said the discussion panel started the conversation women need to have to show that they are not alone.

“It was really cool to hear other women’s testimonies…and how that spoke to their life in their walk with Christ,” McGill said.

Smith said the panelists provided powerful insights, and the number of women who showed up surprised her.

“Recognizing that many people that came to support…was really cool and a super big blessing,” Smith said.

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