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Last night, the IWU Student Government Association hosted the SGA Coffee House event that takes place once every semester.

SGA Coffee House was designed to be an opportunity for students to gather and relax in the Commons while drinking McConn coffee, served by SGA members, and to listen to live music being performed by other students.

Grace Degenhart, the director of events and involvement for SGA, said she has gone to this event for years and loves it.

 “Seeing people have fun is probably the best, especially early in the semester. Everyone’s just stressed all the time. Being able to watch people just relax and just enjoy fun time with their friends is great,” Degenhart said. 

Degenhart estimated that SGA has been hosting this event for at least ten years.

“It’s been ten years since we started the one in the fall. This is only the second year that we’ve done it in the spring semester,” Degenhart said.

Abigail Beliles is an English and Writing major who attended the event.

 “I think it’s an event that should happen multiple times a semester, if possible. I know I would attend it. I think it’s one of the most relaxing events we have,” Beliles said. 

Degenhart explained the origins of SGA Coffee House.

“It started as a way to get people involved and let them know what SGA was and then the types of roles they offer. It just kind of helps the student body become more familiar with student government,” she said.

The SGA Coffee House takes place towards the beginning of each semester and has become an opportunity for students to meet new people.

Grace Huizingh, the Director of Academic Affairs for SGA, said, “I think I first came when I was a freshman, like the first weekend that I was here. And that was where I met one of my really good friends. So I have a lot of really good memories from this event.”

Part of what adds to the special experience of the event is the addition of live music performed by students.

When asked her opinion of the music, Beliles said, “I think the live music is an excellent choice. Students deserve to have their talent showcased more on campus and this is a wonderful opportunity.”

Degenhart also said that SGA hoped to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment at the event.

“We just want to create a stage and a presence for everybody and we want it to be welcoming and inclusive. And so yeah, we asked around, people ask us… just kind of a little bit of everything,” Degenhart said.

The SGA Coffee House is not only an opportunity for students to socialize in a calm, relaxed setting, but also a chance for SGA to showcase what it means to join their organization.

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