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Students Travel to Butler for Visiting Writers Series

Indiana Wesleyan University Modern Language, Literature and Communication students have the opportunity to hear readings from contemporary literature at Butler University.

The MLLC division invites students at Indiana Wesleyan to attend a trip to Butler University multiple times during a semester to experience readings from writers in contemporary literature. Students have the opportunity to ask questions after the session.

Dr. Katie Karnehm-Esh, professor of English in the MLLC division, participates in taking students on these trips.

“I think it’s a really important opportunity for them to not only hear a living, published writer read and talk about their work, but also to ask that writer questions, either about the writing life or about specific works of art,” Karnhem-Esh said.

Readings at the writing series start at 7:30 p.m. giving students the opportunity to gain attendance in classes while getting off campus for the evening.

Karnhem-Esh said she enjoys taking students to enjoy a dinner before the event at a restaurant that offers ethnic cuisine.

“I really do want my students to have that chance to experience something that they might not experience on their own,” Karnehm-Esh said.

IWU student Abbie Beliles said she has attended the series said it is good exposure to new perspectives and cultures.

“It exposes you to new worldviews and new perspectives that you would never see before. It gets you out of the Christian bubble in a good way that you can see the love of Christ from all over the world and from many different voices,” said Beliles.

IWU graduate Emily Bays attended the trip four times during her studies.

Bays said that the series inspired her to see herself reading an excerpt on a stage one day. She said setting to spend time with MLLC students was a highlight of the trip.

“We really built some deep and lasting connections on those trips, with each other and with our professors,” Bays said.

Karnhem-Esh said that one of the goals of the series is to build community within the division.

“I think Dr. Allison, Dr. Mandela and I all hope that this is a way for our collective students to bond with each other a little bit more,” said Karnhem-Esh.

Beliles said she felt this trip bonded students as well and that the series is a trip every MLLC student should attend.

“I feel like every student in the MLLC community should try to go. It would be a great way to expand your horizons and to grow professionally, and in Christ-like love,” said Beliles.

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