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Campus Activity Proceeds During Spring Break

Spring break has concluded, but life on campus never stopped.

Students had a week off from classes and some vacationed and relaxed. Despite the absence of classes and students, some faculty proceeded to work during the week.

“Maintenance and facilities do a lot of housekeeping, a lot of like work in the halls and in the classrooms to update things, to clean and to make fixes,” Neil McDevitt, Resident Director of South Hall, said.

Students left campus on March 2 and returned on March 10. However, some student athletes were required to stay on campus.

The swimming, baseball, competitive cheer and basketball teams all had events during the week of spring break.

The baseball team won five games during the week. Both men’s and women’s basketball teams made it to the Crossroads League championship early in the week but lost.

The competitive cheer team won the Crossroads League title on March 9. Women’s swim and dive competed at the NAIA nationals from the March 6 to 9.

Spring break allows students to get a rest and take a break from school. Not just the students but also the faculty get a break from classes.

“We are often using opportunities the same way students do. We try and have some downtime,” Dr. Nathan Fayard said.

The student-less campus can create a more productive workspace faculty said.

“All the main offices stay open on campus,” McDevitt said. “Not having students on campus allows (faculty) to get caught up on things without as many distractions.”

Spring break can also be an opportunity to catch up for those who may be struggling or behind in school.

“My reading assignment had like 14 sections, three questions each, which usually takes me a really long time to do,” Freshman Camden Paul said. “So I figured I may as well do it when I have a lot of time.”

With some people staying on campus, dining services also had to be open for a little bit McDevitt said.

Some faculty members had different ways of using spring break.

Dr. Fayard said he did a lot of work over break, but some professors like to shut off completely and not do any work at all.

Both students and professors spent spring break in different fashions, but campus opened back up as everyone prepares for finishing up the semester.

“You can’t do this consistently, it burns you out and you need time to recover,” Fayard said. “I hope students did something that rested their minds, restored their spirits and also had fun.”

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