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The Sojourn Athlete of the Week – Caedmon Bontrager

The Sojourn Athlete of the Week is Caedmon Bontrager from the #5 nationally-ranked men’s basketball team. Bontrager is a redshirt freshman from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who attended Leo High School.

Bontrager, the 6-foot 7-inch forward, averages 13.5 points per game, six rebounds, and 83.7 percent from the field, leading the NAIA.

Bontrager worked hard from a young age to become a college basketball player.

“I started playing [when I was in] fifth or sixth grade. I was tall, I wasn’t really good at it, I didn’t like it that much either, but I just stuck with it and kept playing. I started getting better, pretty good, so I kept grinding,” Bontrager said.

Bontrager knew he wanted to continue playing the sport he loved in college. This led him to Indiana Wesleyan and the men’s basketball coaches.

“They are probably some of the most genuine coaches and people,” Bontrager said.

Assistant Coach Caleb Muthiah gave high praise to Bontrager.

“He’s leading the country in field goal percent right now, which is kind of nuts. Obviously, his finishing ability, but when he is high motor and just absolutely locked in, I think he’s unstoppable,” Muthiah said.

The basketball team’s mantra is I Am Third. This team statement has been something implemented within all aspects of the team.

“God first, others second, and yourself third. I think the world tries to tell us that you need to get
what you want and do what you want, but that’s not what the Bible tells us,” Bontrager said.

Coach Muthiah said everyone on the team contributes to the I Am Third lifestyle differently, and Bontrager contributes to his role of being a paint monster and getting physical.

“This summer, we had I Am Third circle groups. We got together at least once a week during the summer and talked about our faith and ways to improve each other in basketball and spiritually,” Bontrager said.

When it comes to finding a balance between basketball and life, Bontrager finds relaxation in the Word of God.

“I’ve learned to just get in the word more, read my bible more. I think that really helps. It just takes a lot of stress and then pressure off,” Bontrager said.

The men’s basketball team has six more regular season games before the Crossroads League tournament, beginning on Feb. 28, with the NAIA National tournament beginning March 15.

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