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IWU Club Softball Begins New Journey

Indiana Wesleyan University club softball paved the way for students to participate without the commitment of being a full-time athlete. 

“The goal is just for it to be a competitive outlet for former softball players who can’t handle the rigorous schedule of the main team,” Ally Hall, head coach of IWU club softball, said.  

Current IWU students can join next season along with available scholarships for incoming freshmen. Hall said the team is always looking for players, whether it be those who may want to develop more skills to play on the main team or those who just want more community on campus.  

Both seasons, fall and spring, consist of six weeks of games and practices. They practice twice a week and play three to four times a week. There are valuable experiences away from the field for the players as well.

“Once a week we do Bible study together, which also counts for credits,” Hall said. “We want to try and do a community service project this semester too.” 

Hall plans to incorporate different events, such as a secret sis, where players can give each other notes of encouragement throughout the season. Knowing players have a busy schedule, Hall makes the most of the available time. 

“I might join. It just depends on my schedule,” Jess Sanchez, a current IWU student, said. 

Sanchez played softball in high school and has recently seen informational posters around IWU’s campus regarding the club softball team. She hopes to join the club team her junior year. 

Fall of 2023 kicked off the first season for club softball. They will continue the spring portion of the season after spring break.  

Players are excited to see what the future holds with games and the team. Hall said she is only a graduate assistant and will be coaching for only the beginning two years. Current players favor the time they have with her.  

“It was such a fun environment, and it was like all of the things that you miss in high school softball,” current softball player Addison Coates said.

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