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Over spring break, IWU’s Chorale had the opportunity to go on tour to Orlando, Florida. The group had a combination of multiple concerts and performances at various locations.

Master Davy Chinn, the director of the chorale and a professor in the music division, said that chorale going on tour is one of IWU’s traditions and that it expands bigger than just Indiana Wesleyan.

“The IWU Chorale has been traveling for spring break for decades,” Chinn said. “This tradition is not only a part of IWU Chorale history, but also choral culture.”

Chinn said he has also been helping the team prepare for this tour, as they have a busy day-to-day schedule that includes a performance of some kind almost every day.

“We do several different types of performing including full concerts, worship leading at churches and for chapel services at Christian schools, as well as clinics and workshops with school choirs,” Chinn said.

With a compact itinerary, the group developed a system that Chinn said helped the process run smoothly and efficiently.

“Generally, we travel, unload the bus, and set up all our equipment, warm up in the venue, talk through the logistics of whatever type of performance it is and then perform,” Chinn said.

Master Chinn said that one of the things that he is looking most forward to is seeing the bonds that are formed on the team because of this experience.

“Because of how much time we spend together, our bonds grow very quickly,” Chinn said. “As a professor, it is such a joy to watch iron sharpen iron not only musically on the risers but especially spiritually and interpersonally.”

Chinn said that one of his hopes for this trip is to be a vessel for God’s love.

“We always pray that God uses us in ways we may never see,” Chinn said. “We do not get to spend extended time with most of our audiences. We hope that God uses us to bless others and most importantly uses us to show Himself to others.”

The members of the chorale also said they are excited for this opportunity.

Before embarking on her last spring break tour with chorale, due to student teaching next spring, Abby Brooks said she was excited for one last trip with her team.

“I am most excited about growing closer with everyone,” Brooks said. “There are a handful of people in chorale that I know fairly well, but there are a lot that I haven’t really connected with yet.”

Brooks said that the team feels ready for this experience because of practices and opportunities that they have already had this year.

“We practice three times every week from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.,” Brooks said. “We also have had quite a few outings this semester alone, which are a great bonding experience as well as getting us ready for all of our concerts that we will have.”

Brooks also had high expectations for this tour, as it is her last.

“I hope to spread God’s love and light through our vocal abilities and grow closer in my relationships with others,” Brooks said.

These performances put on by the IWU Chorale are equally as exciting for audience members as well.

Jason Mucher, an audience member and parent of a chorale member, said his experience was a blessing.

“I love all types of music and it is exciting to see a group of young people who are dedicating their time
and talents in this way,” Mucher said. “As a Christian, it’s also a blessing to see these talents being used to share the love of Christ.”

Mucher said that it is also a joy to see the talent and the result of the hard work that the team puts into their performances.

“You could easily tell they were prepared for each song and element of the concert,” Mucher said. “Once
again, this is a reflection of the direction they are receiving from their director, but also the long hours they put into learning each song and honoring their God-given skills.”

Mucher also said that opportunities such as these are important for members of the chorale.

“For any Christian college student, these type of practical opportunities… to get off-campus, visit new places, meet new people and share their talents and the love of Christ are vital,” Mucher said. “They are experiencing things they wouldn’t get just staying on campus on a weekend or coming home for break.”

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