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Chapel Hosts 2024-2025 Worship Team Auditions

As of 9 p.m. on March 19, auditions for the chapel worship team are officially closed. The auditions, which ran from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., featured singers and musicians playing many different instruments.

While most musicians auditioned for instruments like guitar, bass and drums, there were also auditions for nontraditional worship instruments such as mandolin and cello.

Many music centered auditions are based on talent, although that is not the only criteria for playing on one of IWU’s chapel teams. Student Body Chaplin of Worship Donny Schmidt spoke about this.

“It’s definitely the person’s heart posture, I think is a really big, significant reason. You know, just asking them, why is this important to you,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt also outlined details about the audition process for people who might be interested in the future.

“We just are able to really just listen and also get to talk to them and get to know the person a little bit, hear their heart behind why they want to be here, why they want to possibly be on the worship team,” Schmidt said. “It’s really just getting to know that person and hearing their giftings and talents.”

Sophomore and worship team returning singer Adrick Phillips also talked about how the audition process varies from other auditions.

“I used to do a show choir when I was younger and you had to audition in front of a bunch of people. And you’re only auditioning in front of one person, so it’s way more relaxed,” Phillips said.

Another returner is sophomore bassist Wesley Sussenbach.

“I think the importance of understanding the congregation is more important when in a worship setting than in a typical concert, because I feel like sometimes the intention is different, there’s a very clear point in worship that the importance is to glorify God,” Sussenbach said.

South Hall Chaplain Bryce Conley spoke on why music is so important and can be used as a form of worship.

“I think there’s something special about music… other cultures where they don’t have academics, they don’t have theology and they still know God, they still worship God,” Conley said. “I think the power of music is that vessel almost, that we praise and communicate to God.”

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