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Indiana Wesleyan University’s residence building Carmin Hall encouraged female togetherness with “Chip Chat.”

This event took place on March 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:35 p.m. Students were provided with tortilla chips along with choice of dip.

The event invited female students to obtain information regarding their mental, physical, sexual and spiritual health. The panel also created a safe environment by allowing attendees to anonymously submit questions.

Carmin Hall’s resident director Becca Kleppinger said that as resident director part of her role is holistic.

“You’re here to grow academically, but also in community,” Kleppinger said. “Talking about female health, especially in a residence hall, where maybe you haven’t had those spaces to ask those questions, is really important.”

The director of Indiana Wesleyan’s Health Center, Karen Aaron, talked about the importance of being open and honest with your health provider.

“Go in with a list and make sure you’re prepared,” Aaron said. “It’ll keep you on track and get your questions answered.”

Aaron notes that IWU allows students to see a registered nurse for free. She recommends that students take advantage of this opportunity.

Nurse practitioner Jessica Trout shares uncommon information about the two parts in a pap smear.

“A pap smear is actually the test you do. It’s a lab taking a broom and sweeping the cervix and getting some loose cells and sending them to the lab,” Trout said. “How we get that test is usually part of a pelvic exam.”

Trout said women typically get their first pap smear at age 21 and then every three years until age thirty, however sexually active women should go once a year.

IWU Student, Sydney Seabeck said, that she felt Chip Chat was a big success. 

“I thought the Chip Chat went very well. I loved how everyone felt comfortable enough to share their questions and get valuable insight on women’s health,” Seabeck said. “These talks are important so women know their bodies and know that it is okay to have a group of women to support them.”

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