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Residence Life Offers New Housing Options for 2024-2025

As students prepare for 2024-2025 housing selections, Housing and Residence Life will be offering new options on housing applications.

The men of Martin Hall and marriage housing residents will be impacted the most by the changes.

Martin residents will be returning to Hodson Hall, with plans to reopen Hodson after a year of renovations.

Married housing options will be expanding with the addition of a row of townhouses to be offered as married housing.

Matt Thompson, the dean of residence life, said that these changes were made due to the needs and demands of students on campus.

“Every year we need to be good stewards of our space on campus and of resources that we have,” Thompson said. “We are always trying to kind of maximize it so we can meet student needs and demands.”

With the new renovations to Hodson finishing up, some of the men of Martin said they are excited to return to their Evans and Hodson community, however a lot of them are a little sad to leave Martin.

Justin Fischer, a Martin resident, said that this change will have a positive and negative impact on the new Martin community.

“I really thought that moving to Martin was going to be a little tough and it’s kind of out of the way, but I ended up really liking it and a lot of people did,” Fischer said.

Fischer said that the men are excited to be back on their side of campus, as it will be easier to play volleyball games together.

“It’ll just be a whole lot nicer because it’s going to be right outside and we won’t have to hike across campus,” he said.

As Hodson is getting ready to house students again, the last rows of the townhouses are getting ready to change to married housing.

Libby Ward, a resident in married housing, said that the addition of the townhouses will provide better accommodations for those with bigger families.

“I think that it makes sense for the people who do have bigger families and I don’t feel like they should just be forced to live off campus and pushed away,” Ward said.

Ward said that this change will provide a better chance for married students to get accepted into married housing.

The housing changes will be available on next years applications, which are due on March 13.

Thompson said that students should get their applications in on time and can find more information about the changes on the housing homepage.

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