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Delight Ministries Hosts “‘Sound of Freedom”

On Friday night, Delight Ministries, a women’s small group at IWU, partnered with Destiny Rescue to do a free showing of the film “Sound of Freedom” at the Globe Theatre.

While admission was free, all proceeds from concession sales were donated to Destiny Rescue, an organization that fights against child trafficking, which is the plot of the film.

Ashley Boggs, a member of Delight working at the concession booth, gave her input on why they partnered with Destiny Rescue in this way.

“I think a couple of girls on our team really felt a call to try and help in some way fight human trafficking, and that’s really the basis of this movie,” Boggs said “We’ve partnered with Destiny Rescue in the past.”

Mallory Lynch, another member of Delight working in the concession booth, agreed with Boggs.

“I think it confronts us with a lot of the harsh realities of the world and how we can face those as Christians,” Lynch said. “It’s good not to shy away from these topics, but I think that just recognition and acknowledgement that these things happen is really, really pivotal as Christians because we have a role to play on this especially.”

Through this event, the Delight team said they wanted students to have the ability to learn about the issue of human trafficking.

“We’re just a small college in Indiana,” Boggs said, “There are things going on in the world and maybe taking two hours out of your day to learn more about it might light a fire in you to do something about it.”

Libby Paris was a member of Delight who went to watch the movie. It was her first time seeing the film.

“I thought it was wild,” said Paris, “Very, very powerful, very emotional. The message was so clear.”

Paris agreed that even a small college in Indiana should be aware of these important issues.

“I think human trafficking is something that people say they want to help with or they don’t want to hear about, but no one really does that much about it. So I think it was good to be informed of it,” Paris said.

This was the first time that Delight had done a movie night event like this and the team said they hoped to bring awareness to uncomfortable issues and provide an opportunity to do something about it.

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