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Black Student Union Invites Step Afrika 101 to Campus

Step Afrika 101, hosted by Indiana Wesleyan University’s Black Student Union, performed the art of stepping on Feb. 6. The performance took place in the chapel auditorium from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..

Jean-Marc Mayu, the president of BSU, said they decided to host Step Afrika 101 to inspire the audience and celebrate Black History Month.

“Stepping is a traditional African American dance that not only uses a lot of cultural dances from Africa, but also here in the United States,” Mayu said.

Mayu said Step Afrika 101 provided an enjoyable experience and celebration.

“I really enjoyed it and everybody seemed to enjoy it,” Mayu said.

DJ Heard-Perry, the BSU student liaison and an audience member, said he had the opportunity to dance on stage along with a few other members from the crowd. 

“Once I got the hang of it, I was killing it and I felt the spirit when I was doing it,” Heard-Perry said. “I think being up there was really great.”

Kalynn Grenert, an audience member, said Step Afrika 101 brought a sense of community to the audience and she felt energized.

“It was very interactive, and I liked the beats and the energy. It was different and something to do,” Grenert said.

Mayu said the night blew his expectations out of the water. He said he enjoyed when the members of Step Afrika 101 did their own individual dances, which showed how unique they were.

“Dance is one of my passions, so it was super cool to see that and kind of reenact with them and almost be on stage with them. I really enjoyed it,” Mayu said.

Heard-Perry said the performance impacted his life and other audience member’s lives.

“As an African American myself, that definitely touched my heart,” Heard-Perry said. “Step Afrika is awesome in everything that they do…they’ll truly change the world.”

Heard-Perry said he witnessed something cultural, authentic and real, something that mattered to the people. 

“This event definitely brightened people’s smiles, brightened people’s eyes and definitely brightened people’s hearts. I think this is something that should definitely come back,” Heard-Perry said.

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